Re: “SoulCalibur Is Sexist” Kotaku Nonsense

“If you don’t like SoulCalibur’s depiction of its diverse characters than you can walk out the door, we don’t want you in the community. Leave” Sounds harsh, eh? Comes off a little… exclusive, doesn’t it? Almost gives credence to the whole ‘exclusive’ nature of gaming communities. Well it’s a learned thing, you see, the result of several years of conditioning. I learned the last five years that if a community really really wants a toxic or otherwise unacceptable element growing within their community removed they need only assert the values of said community and demand the element leave. This was taught to me by progressive gamers and even devs/publishers who adopted their rhetoric. Thank you, ideologues; there is truly nothing like applying recently learned skills.


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Halo Infinite: The Slipspace Demo

So 343 Industries went and announced Halo Infinite, the third part of their Halo tenure since Bungie went off to make strange decisions in another franchise. And 343’s tenure has been rocky for sure. Halo 5, the zenith of the rift between Halo fans and 343 was extremely polarizing and to this day a lightning rod for arguments within the community. And now we look to the future – scared as fuck – at what may become of this beloved franchise. This is their last shot in a lot of ways and I want 343 to win. And you don’t win by selling us a engine demo, sorry.


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Devil May Cry 5: “Million Years” Came And Gone, Eh?

“Not in a million years,” Ninja Theory’s version of Dante quips, in a gag referencing a dismissive statement parroted by Game Journalists when condensing the fan reaction to DmC. “They just don’t like his hair,” they mused, evading each and every legit criticism of the new direction as if going for that SSS ranking. ‘Donte’, in his first battle sequence, gets a wig planted on his head resembling the real Dante’s anime-ish hair. “Not in a million years,” he said. Cute.


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Destiny 2: Road 2 Year 2 (Part 2)

Oh boy…

Well it seems I was right to delay this part of the series until after Bungie formally revealed the big Sept. expansion, Forsaken. There’s a lot to cover about the actual reveal stream, particularly the hilariously awkward and confusing explanation of the Annual Pass (a fancy named Season Pass). But in keeping with the point of this little blog series, I’m only covering what’s in the graphic Bungie updated the day of the reveal. So let’s dive in.

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Destiny 2: Roadmap 2 Year 2 (Part 1.5)

So being that Bungie will divulge details of the big Sept. update tomorrow I’m going to delay part 2 of my speculation/commentary. After the stream tomorrow the next entry will be a reaction to whatever they’re prepared to reveal, since there’s no need to write up a storm 24hrs earlier. I’ll be in the Crucible until then.


Destiny 2: Roadmap 2 Year 2 (Part 1)

Destiny 2, the game a Kotaku writer describes in increasingly witty ways, is on its final stretch before the inevitable Sept. DLC expansion – the annual drop that’s often larger than usual (ie The Taken King, Rise of Iron). It’s a big deal, is what I’m sayin. But I don’t have any info on it other than rumor that it will revolve around the Awoken, everybody’s favorite space dark elves. This entry here? Oh I’m gonna muse about the remaining unchecked boxes on Bungie’s Destiny 2 Roadmap, hereby known as The Apology Tour. I can’t promise I’ll have deep thoughts on each bullet point but that’s only because I don’t pretend to care about every facet of the game. I’m a PvP guy, see?


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Armchair Producer: “Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom Infinite”

In an age where games are living meta-platforms supported by ‘seasons’ of updates and content the true sign of a ‘dead game’ is when its own developer calls it quits. Such seems to be the case with Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Capcom’s latest and perhaps final entry in the popular crossover franchise. In the period between MvCi’s last content drop and now Dragonball FighterZ launched, marketed DLC characters, and released them. MvCi, as far as new content, is well and done.


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Destiny 2 Community: The Broken Case of… Team Shooting

Bungie, developers of such greats hits such as Nerf Shotties To Oblivion (a trilogy), Design CQC Spaces And Punish Players For Adapting To Them, and Popular Weapons Are Bad; are probably right now taking in the current discussions about the PvP meta of Destiny 2. Mind you some of the biggest changes to our Guardians’ kit, including subclass paths turned into ‘two characters’ a subclass, were almost exclusively made in response to Destiny 1’s PvP. I bring this up because right now I’m seeing certain discussions in Destiny forums that are consistent enough to reach Bungie’s ears (please remember, with Bungie it’s often not the strength of the case, it’s how loud and often they hear it). And there are many concerning things people are talking about with a straight face, but the biggest cringe for me is… the vilification of ‘Team Shooting’. Let’s talk about things, shall we?

There’s too many of them, bro!

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Sorry, I’m Black

Hey guys, my name is Jean Kalyx (triaD!). I’m a writer of fantastically exciting things, a commentator of social silliness, an ambitiously aspiring game designer, a rigorous competitive gamer, an opposer of ideological sophistry, a lover of pizza, and a- OH MY GOD I’M BLACK!

Kalyx Odinson

Watch superhero movies drunk. Become worthy.


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