Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Nova’s Theme Lyrics!

So a few months ago I wrote lyrics to Nova’s kick-ass MvC3 theme and challenged the world to sing it and upload their efforts. I got a new submission today and decided to upload all of the YouTube submissions in one place. Here’s the track and lyrics in case you wanna take up the challenge!

“Super Nova”
Music by Capcom
Nova by Marvel Comics
Lyrics by Jean Kalyx

Nova, never backing from action he’s
Nova, the protector of galaxies
Justice and honor – hero of the Nova Corps
Nova, wields a power you’ve never known
Nova, with his armor his power grows
Evil won’t stand a chance against the Nova Force


A Super Nova, heroic light in the dark
No matter where is, the fight – he won’t be far
A Super Nova, the Human Rocket will soar
We have New Warrior
A Super Nova, see the Centurion might
Winning the battle, he’ll leave – a streak of light
A Super Nova, Secret Avenger of peace
Whenever needed, bring it – and lead to victory

Gonna do another post (this blog’s first poll!) with all of the uploads so you can vote for your favorite version of the vocals. And from now on, new submissions will be posted on this blog. And hey, this isn’t my first time writing lyrics to videogame music, be on the look out for some new challenges…


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