Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Console Release Media Dump!

Tekken tag Tournament 2 if finally coming home! Next September, the Kings and Queens of Iron Fist shall once again throw down in teams… or not. Surely you know by now the latest arcade update of the game introduced a new option to use a single character? No? Well that’s my fault; I haven’t been updating like I should. But yes, battles can wage as 1v1, 2v2, or 1v2. Balancing will make either choice legit, according to Harada himself. He even hinted that this may be standard for Tekken going forward (yes!). Let’s have us that trailer, yeah?

That is so sexy I wanna buy it dinner. Oh wait, there’s more! A special showcasing tag throws and combos also dropped recently:

Do note that there are some amazing throw breaks for these tag throws. Harada’s team really went all out for these moves, even injecting character traits throughout the animation (Kazuya really hates his dad). Sort of thing makes me wanna try out all combinations to see what kind of move two characters do together.

And for the novice fighting gamer, Tekken Tag 2 has an interesting mode that merges tutorial lessons with mini-games. In this Fight Lab mode, you control the returning Combot as he learns how to be a fighter – all the while teaching you how to play Tekken. This is a very smart way to go about it, as many fighting games are pretty hardcore and more modes like this would help.

This is a thing that is happening. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 further cements that fighting games are back in a big way, Get Ready For the Next Battle come September. Not a fan of overly juggle nature of recent Tekken’s but with the package this game is offering, I can stand to be wall-combo’d a few more times!

What was that… Tekken x Street Fighter is about 10% complete…


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