Armchair Producer: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

We all do this from time to time.

If you’re anything like me you like to play armchair producer and imagine how you would oversee videogame development – usually with our favorite franchises. With this, the start of new series on this blog, I’m gonna talk about what I’d do with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (or at least what I would have done). In a recent blog on Capcom-Unity, Sven revealed that there are no plans for the game and Niitsuma’s team has moved on to another project. That in itself is interesting (what are they cooking now?), but with MvC3 seemingly finished, I can’t help but wonder what could be added at this point. Well I wonder no more, I have three ideas that I think would be great for the game. They won’t happen, but it’s fun to wonder…

Hyper Versus Mode:

Why should SFxT and Tekken Tag 2 have all the fun? This mode is a 2v2, 4 player tag mode where each player controls a character. This adds a fun offline party option, as well as something for online (provided the already sluggy netcode can deal). How about some system details, eh?

– Tag format, where two players fight as the others wait their turn. This is obvious, but things get interesting with how Assists would work. Most importantly, the point character must tag out, his partner can’t tag himself in.
– Players make themselves available as Assists, with the twist being that they can use any of their characters special attacks! While on the ‘bench’, you input the same command for special move you wanna assist with. For instance, the player would have to input df+H for Wesker’s famous Samurai Edge OTG assist. Only special normals and specials would be available. The possible set-ups are mind boggling for an already intense game, but the synergy required should make things very cool. The same assist cool-down time will be in effect, so things don’t get crazier than they already are. Better make it count!
– DHC will be handled obviously with the benched partner inputting his hyper during his partner’s.
– Both players share meter.
– X-Factor can be activated by any member of the team, but you’d still have one go at it. The buffs will be scaled back to XF1, rather than XF2. The surviving member of the team will have XF2 instead of level 3.
– Aerial tags will be activated by the point player, and his partner should watch for his turn.

Vs Card Battle:

Heroes and Heralds Mode is fun (well it was before the inevitable wave of Vitality players took stage), but not having a section for private matches was a gruesome missed opportunity. In this mode that mark is hit. Players can Quick Match or build lobbies for private games where the H&H cards are available. All the cards they earned can be used, but to uphold the integrity of the main mode, no trading can be done. It would seem like an obvious feature, I know, but we can’t have shenanigans going on that can ruin what Capcom wanted H&H Mode to be.

The big draw here is experimenting with card sets with other players outside of a ranked game, where you won’t damage the place of your weekly side because you wanted to try something new.

New Costume DLC:

Last but not least, some new duds for all of the characters. Capcom and Marvel did a great job digging into the characters’ history for some cool alternates, but if SF4 and SFxT is anything to go by, letting the artists let loose could also provide some nifty attire. How about letting Capcom design alternates for Marvel characters and vice versa? This could yield some interesting results, like how Ryu would look like if he was taken by Weapon X!

Well in the end this is all just the ramblings of another armchair producer, but who knows, maybe a Capcom rep will see this and stroke his goatee… Thanks for reading, and be back for more.


3 comments on “Armchair Producer: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

  1. I don’t really know why we would want more costume DLC. But I like the sound of the tag format. Personally I would like to see a time attack mode or something. The ideas for hyper versus sound cool though.

    But I am really gutted by this news. Not because I’m not getting any more DLC or characters or anything. Because it rules out any sort of chance of this game coming to Nintendo. Seriously why can’t this game get on a Nintendo system? I understand the argument about Wii and 3DS but Wii U has no reason it can’t be on there. Come on Capcom I could trade in my 360 if this were to happen.

    Might seem a tad out of place on your blog but its quite disheartening that Nintendo keep missing out on this. I had to buy a 360 just to play this and now I find out they are done with it. Its a way better game than MVC 2 and has a far more balanced roster. Its using characters from all over both boards rather than just mainly X-Men and Street Fighter. Considering the high number of characters its quite an accomplishment. But I guess this means the hood, enchantress and drax will never get in it. Would Marvel let them use those characters I wonder?

    I enjoyed your post anyway. I am happy but more of it is never a bad thing eh?

  2. Perhaps Niitsuma’s team is doing something for Wii U? After all the magic started with TvC on the Wii. On a general note, I hope Wii U gets more fighting game love with it’s stronger tech. I think a new Tekken game will be ready for it, but the current fighters now won’t make it. Gotta wait for sequels.

    MvC4 may not happen for a while, which means some cool characters may have to wait their turn. I’d love a sequel to Marvel Superheroes, or even a Marvel vs DC developed by Niitsuma’s team – but the world isn’t so pretty.

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