Fall of Cybertron: Where For Arth Thou Multiplayer? (Update!)

“News will come, Bumblebee. Soon.”

So… there’s this sequel to a great Transformers game coming out in August. It has better visuals, better gameplay variety, better campaign, etc. You can play as Grimlock, leader of the Dinobots. You can play as Bruticus, Decepticon combiner. You can command Metroplex, rival of fellow city-bot Trypticon (seen in War for Cybertron). All of that is nice.


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Halo 4: Campaign Gameplay

From this year’s E3, here’s some new footage of Halo 4’s campaign – which shows off a new threat facing out favorite space marine.

Looks sharp, and really when was the last time there was an air of mystery in Halo? This new enemy may be Forerunner, or some force just as ancient. With a UNSC ship crashing (somewhat conveniently) on the same planet Chief and Cortana are, I suppose there will be moments where Chief will again a group of marines against alien threats. Notice the subversion of the classic Halo encounter; you blast some goons and face off against the Elite, only for him to be vaporized, introducing a new enemy.

Now where’s that multiplayer trailer…?