Resident Evil 6: Lots of Gameplay

At E3 we got some gameplay of Leon exploring ‘things’, and now we have the other end of that scenario by way of Check it out:

I totally dig the classic RE atmosphere, very creepy and ominous. It seems co-op will be back with those team moves in there. I enjoyed RE5’s co-op so I’m against it. If the RE5 DLC Lost in Nightmares was any indication, they can do co-op and be scary if they tried. I am not feeling that waypoint. I don’t wanna sound like some purist but something like that is distinctly un-Resident Evil. That has to go. Meanwhile, we have more freedom while aiming. This is acceptable because they seemed to have made it purposefully sloppy and inaccurate (which was first done in the 3DS Mercenaries game). So there you go, you can aim while moving, but don’t expect it to be like a shooter.

This game looks damn good, and I can’t wait to dive in.


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