Fall of Cybertron: Where For Arth Thou Multiplayer? (Update!)

“News will come, Bumblebee. Soon.”

So… there’s this sequel to a great Transformers game coming out in August. It has better visuals, better gameplay variety, better campaign, etc. You can play as Grimlock, leader of the Dinobots. You can play as Bruticus, Decepticon combiner. You can command Metroplex, rival of fellow city-bot Trypticon (seen in War for Cybertron). All of that is nice.


Gamers, Transfans, High Moon Studios – I have been very patient since Fall of Cybertron was announced. When everybody gave crap to the game adaptation of Dark of the Moon, I was the one saying, “Listen, this is High Moon filling a requisite order for the movie’s marketing, they will deliver a sequel to WfC.” And that’s what’s happening. We’re getting a sequel to one of the most fun and engaging shooters I ever played. No BS. War for Cybertron was good. Sure it had a very annoying host migration issue, and a habit of booting you when you didn’t have DLC (something Bungie handled much better), but when the game worked it freaking worked.

Notice I’m talking about multiplayer here.

That’s what made the game for me. It had fantastic multiplayer. It was a unique experience, rivaled by nothing else in the industry (except for the earlier Revenge of the Fallen’s multiplayer and even earlier DS games, which only hinted at this ideal Transformers multiplayer system). You change into a fucking car/truck/jet/tank, man. You are your own vehicle. You’re shooting at somebody who at any moment can become a jet and fly away. Like Splinter Cell’s Spies vs Mercs, it’s a multiplayer experience that must be played to understand. The combination of transformation, weapons, perks, abilities, and damn good map design made for a compelling and strategic shooter. And High Moon Studios is promising an improvement of that. So why do they tease me so? Why release all this news of singleplayer and only bits of text for the real star of the show?

Yeah, they dropped some Escalation news. A full playthrough during the recent E3 event, even. That’s all well and good, everybody likes a good Horde Mode (especially with campaign co-op gone, it’s the only co-op multiplayer to enjoy). But High Moon has been especially silent on multiplayer, save for a few details here and there – and let’s put them right here:

  • The four classes are back with most renamed: Infiltrators (cars), scouts who hit and run and are generally sneaky bastards. Destroyers (trucks), balanced leader types who support their teams with buffs and hinder the enemy with debuffs. Titans (tanks), who will quite simply fuck your shit up. And Scientists (jets/helicopters!?), sky commanders who can flank from any angle or appear just in time to heal teammates. Despite the hype of being a combiner and a freaking dinosaur in singleplayer, these character types are not in mutliplayer. You will get over this, because I assure you variety and experimentation is there!
  • Character creation is a full fledged feature now, and perhaps the most exciting aspect of FoC. I’m a big fan character creation in any game but this… this is making your own Transformer. One for each class, I assume (or like WfC, three characters each?). The revealed cosmetic pieces are head, chest, upper arm/shoulder, wrist/hand, and legs. You can also change your cannons (and who knows what other little details, Prime mask anyone?). Obviously you can color them (and I think the colors will be faction regulated as before), but what I didn’t see coming was choosing your paint finish. You wanna be shiny as Beast Wars’ Transmetal forms? Fine. Perhaps you wanna be more malt for that softer, Generation 2 touch. Go for it. I wouldn’t be surprised if you can be rusty as hell, like that old diecast G1 Autobot you got for your 5th birthday. Get hype for this.
  • On that note, no matter what robot you create he’ll keep all the details you fashioned in his vehicle mode. This is truly and Autobot or Decepticon of your making. Hell, even personality is on the table. What this entails was not revealed, but if it’s anything like SoulCalibur’s voice/personality option – they have really gone above and beyond.
  • All of that is on top of the weapon, perk, and ability options seen in War for Cybertron. More than likely adjusted and expanded. Mixing and matching was heaven for guys who loved experimenting until you find just the right set-up that supports your playstyle.

And that’s that. All the info on multiplayer I can gather. I’m pretty sure there will be a massive info dump with vids and pics and more details at least next month. Everything heard so far was solid gold. And yeah, I won’t ignore the elephant in the room; we really need to hear that host migration has been handled. All this great stuff will be seriously marred if something like this persists in the sequel. What made War for Cybertron for me was the multiplayer. It was fun. It was epic. It was what I wanted since I was a little auto-boy watching the cartoons. I needed to be in there, shooting Decepticreeps. Transforming and rolling out… or retreating if the Autobots stand their ground. You got a lot to live up to, High Moon, I trust you will deliver!

Just release the damn multiplayer trailer already.

Update: Host migration is confirmed! Also character creation voices! And a sixth category for creation; class specific parts! Barrels for Titans, wheels for Infiltrators, and wing types for Scientists! What do Destroyers have..?


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