Halo 4: All Human Weapons

Halo Waypoint has decided to give us a look at every human weapon in Halo 4. It only makes sense that Covenant and Forerunner videos will come in due time (and perhaps vehicle and map vids as well).

Now you could watch this video anywhere, right? So why don’t I take a look at these weapons and give you a reason to be in this woefully underused blog!

Assault Rifle: It would not be Halo without this iconic little bullet sprayer. Seems to work like it always did, a close-mid range weapon best used spraying and running for that good old melee kill. I always loved that it showed you how many bullets you have in your clip. Never mind that the game’s HUD does that, the gun will show you! I don’t think I’ve ever looked at that counter to gauge when to reload. Ever. Looks cool, though.

Magnum: We all know what the question of this thing will be: Is this… the pistol, or a pistol? Well the vid seems to show off head shots so I imagine it’s on par with the TU Magnum in Halo Reach (343 did the TU patch for Reach). It has a nice balance in Reach without being absolutely stupid like in CE. I mean, if people are going to converge on one weapon…

Battle Rifle: The Battle Rifle is back, baby! The old work horse of Halo 3 returns seemingly unchanged and just as accurate and reliable as it’s always been. The burst fire shots make this a go-to for almost every imaginable encounter (save for extreme close or long range combat… or running into a Wraith). But this brings to mind an interesting issue with the USNC sandbox…

Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR): …The DMR is still in Halo! So… we have two rifles that have proved to be the common weapons for variable threats. It’ll be interesting to see which rifle comes out as the community’s main. Of course, the DMR is more or less the Halo 2/3 version of the Covenant Carbine, and it came down to personal preference in which rifle to choose. I think it will come down to preference again.

Rocket Launcher: Well… It blows you up. Shoot at their feet. Watch for splash damage. It now leaves a sniper rifle-like smoke trail behind the projectile. There you go.

Shotgun: Something about this weapon makes me wanna say “Get some!” whenever it kills somebody. I don’t know if it had a damage boost, but I’m noticing it is offing people in one shot from quite a distance. Perhaps we’re seeing guys get wasted after their shields are depleted. We’ll see this November.

Sniper Rifle: That thing is loud. They are not playing around with audio this time, and the sniper rifle really shows this off. There’s an interesting icon through the scope screen that shows your range (upper-right). This would help in leading your shots, but I’d think Halo 4 is using hit-scan because Halo Reach did. Interesting.

Sticky Detonator: This spiritual successor to the grenade launcher is a favorite of mine so far, mostly because I loved the GL. This one is remote detonated (where the GL had a killswitch), and even has a way to tell you people are in proximity of the grenade. The applications for objective games are obvious, especially with vehicles.

Saw: Hello! A light machine gun in a Halo game. I can dig that. The thing with LMGs are their clip and accuracy; and I can tell you the Saw has a clip of 72 shots based on the footage, and the recoil is way too damn good. It’s accuracy looked better than the Assault Rifle, which is terrifying. Seriously I didn’t see any kick at all, it just… sprayed death. This may be a replacement for the dismounted HMG for suppressive/cover fire, at least for infantry combat. Short of running to a vehicle, I see very little reason to spray with anything else with this monster around. We’ll see if its balanced for the sandbox.

Spartan Laser: Get your Scott Sommers on with this vehicle killer. Ya know people would say the drawback is the charge time before the shot, but aside from that being an obvious balance requirement, I kind of like that buildup before completely obliterating whoever I’m aiming at. But alas, there may be something even stronger than this godly device…

Rail Gun: Okay wow. This seems to be the infantry counter-point to the Spartan Laser. It doesn’t seem strong enough to waste a vehicle, but it downs an enemy in one shot with – and I’m guessing because the footage was fast, a quarter charge time of the SL’s charge. That’s pretty crazy. It has a similar effect to a Gauss Warthog’s cannon, except you’re walking around with it. This could be a game changer for sure.

I hope we get similar vids for the other weapon sets of Halo 4. The game drops in November. Return to this blog for more thankless analysis of game stuff. Later!


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