Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2: A Primer (Part 3: Ahead of The Game)

Welcome back, hopefully you’ve went through the first two parts of my primer on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 2, all leading to Avengers 2. Last time we covered the bulk of Phase 2 with just about everything you need to know, and now we end this blog trilogy with a look to the distant future. What does Marvel Studios have planned beyond Avengers 2? A lot more than you think. And while we’re at it, let’s speculate on what this monumental shared universe means for superhero movies, particularly their biggest rival (and let’s get up to speed with them, why not). Let’s start with the first officially announced hero of Phase Three, and also the smallest…

See what I did there?!

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Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2: A Primer (Part 2: The Next Phase)

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes eat for free.

In the last entry we went through the narrative and industry lead up to Marvel’s The Avengers. Marvel Studios made their movie, set up the pieces, and gave us a ride. The Avengers saved the world, Marvel and Nick Fury’s Avengers Initiative proved successful in-universe and reality. But now what? Where do we go after the ‘New York Incident’? What is Phase Two? To convey how Marvel Studios is going to deal with this the first thing everybody needs to square with is how shared comic book universes work. Basically; we need to respect that heroes probably have each other on speed-dial, but won’t make any calls. This is essential, actually.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2: A Primer (Part 1: An Assembly)

In the last half decade something amazing happened, Marvelous even. Marvel Studios, with but a few of their own characters, made a gamble. What if their movie characters shared a cinematic universe, where they have every chance of meeting each other as they would in their printed adventures? While several of Marvel’s biggest characters made their beds in other movie studios (X-Men at Fox, Spidey and friends at Sony), could Marvel’s own studio pull off a shared universe on screen?

What do you think?

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Next-Gen Xbox: Console Locking Games… Maybe… So What?

Used games just might be blocked from at least NexBox (my new pet name for the next Xbox). This seems to make people lose their minds, and on some level I totally get it. The idea that people won’t be able to share their games with their friends or not be able to buy used games is a legit concern for many people. Hell, I’ve purchased used games and borrowed/lent games. I totally get it, but…

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PS4 ‘Reveal’: Musings

The controller, console still MIA.

So Sony holds this press conference revealing the PS4… or at least specs, features, game demos, tech demos, philosophy, and the controller. The actual console wasn’t on display, but I’m guessing it’s going to a black rectangular block with a PS logo on it somewhere. In fact, I’m certain of this – so don’t complain about not seeing it, I just told you what it is. Moving on…

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