PS4 ‘Reveal’: Musings

The controller, console still MIA.

So Sony holds this press conference revealing the PS4… or at least specs, features, game demos, tech demos, philosophy, and the controller. The actual console wasn’t on display, but I’m guessing it’s going to a black rectangular block with a PS logo on it somewhere. In fact, I’m certain of this – so don’t complain about not seeing it, I just told you what it is. Moving on…

I’m not gonna talk about the specs because I don’t, and you shouldn’t, give a damn. Consoles get stronger, their games look better, they load faster, this is the technical evolution of things. It’s an expectation rather than a selling point nowadays but whatever. What I care about is applications of this power, and more importantly what I’ll be playing on the console. On this front, PS4 is quite boring. These are my musing of the PS4 Conference.

  • Pseudo-philosophy about being more connected as a gaming community, disguising the fact that PS4 is almost certainly required to be online all the time with Sony and their partners watching your every move (possibly quite literally). Gee, I hope two of the games going on stage don’t have plots that directly antagonize those ideas…
  • The Share Button. I kinda like it, actually. The idea of sharing shots and footage of your gameplay taps into a recent trend amongst gamers. Streaming gameplay will, mark my words, make the PS4 a go-to console for competitive gamers (provided the next XBox doesn’t do this at launch – but it will eventually).
  • Specifically I wanna know more about the footage capture. I assume you don’t just sent it right then and there (unless you want to), that you can save the footage hopefully as an mpeg/avi to be edited on your PC. I mean, the next logical step is being able to edit your footage for those badass compilations or walkthrough vids for YouTube and such. The forefather of this sort of thing can be found in Bungie’s clip system for Halo Reach. There you can have your clips rendered (in high quality, sorry Street Fighter III 3rdS OE) and uploaded on their website. Then you can download the vids and… well, I had my fun. But this was a complicated process, and if PS4 can eliminate the need for capture hardware, allow you to edit your work or at least export to editing software, they will sail a big blue ocean and claim a lot of consumers. Time will tell on this, and bear in mind Sony historically misses the point in grand fashion.
  • The first game, Knack, looks like a Dreamworks movie. In fact it should have been a Dreamworks movie. It reminds me of a game based on a Dreamworks movie. Something most people would barely notice on a Gamestop shelf, yet this was the first PS4 game shown to the public. Call me crazy, but I would have dropkicked viewers everywhere by starting the conference with Final Fantasy 15 or something. Metal Gear Solid 5, even God of War 4. “The PS4 will change your life, check out this Dreamworks game.”
  • Just to cement how incredibly dishonest that infamous Killzone 2 ‘demo’ was during PS3’s launch, do recognize that this Killzone PS4 demo doesn’t even look as good as that one did. But it did look good. I mean, it better look good. It’s running off a nuclear reactor now so why not look sharp. Except yeah, Killzone still looks boring as hell. Aside from visuals, what exactly was shown that the PS3 couldn’t do? The city shots? So what?

That’s nice, game’s boring though.

  • Infamous has a sequel, and it seems to take place in the DmC universe. More important was Nate Fox of Sucker Punch giving an unusually engaged introduction that, for a moment, seemed like the introduction to a rebellious takeover – with rebels zipping in the conference and holding the place hostage. I mean, he’s vilifying things that 30mins before was said to be PS4’s key features. There’s some conflict here, but nothing that’s can’t be solved with a protagonist that throws fireballs at The Man. …Meh.
  • Square-Enix is making a Final Fantasy game for PS4, because we wouldn’t have guessed that a major franchise would appear on one of the three main consoles unless told so.
  • Watch Dogs will appear on PS4, also vilifying everything PS4 would love to do. Seriously the heroes of DmC, Watch Dogs, and Infamous: 2nd Son would almost certainly assault Sony headquarters. Meh. Pretty meh, but still meh.
  • Diablo III is coming to PS4, which would be interesting if I never played X-Men Legends 1/2 /Marvel Ultimate Alliance – all of which were based on how Diablo played. So yeah, I much rather have seen X-Men Legends 3 or Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Oh yeah, revealing a port at a major console conference seems kinda wonky to me.
  • Dragon’s Dogma 2 announced for- Wait what? Something called Deep Down? But it has knights and dragons and is from Capcom… Okay then.
  • Sony saves Bungie’s Destiny for last, which tells me they were secretly jealous of Microsoft using Bungie’s Halo games similarly for ten years. “Now WE get to make Bungie-related announcements!” Except the better Destiny news came a week before, people already guessed it was gonna be up-ported to next gen consoles, and it’s a multiplatform game. Seriously; Thou Shalt Not Make A Multiplatform Game The Main Event Of Console-Based Conferences. And imagine how the Killzone guys feel, “Yeah you were supposed to be our big FPS developer but Bungie doing something for us now so…. yeah.”

So that’s all my musings. Forgive any grammatical errors you may come across, I usually find them a day after posting because I’m far too lazy to proof read anything. Take solace that things will be corrected after you dismissed me as an illiterate gutter rat. Thanks for reading and please, please, stop letting Sony think graphical power is important anymore. You’re letting them slide, people; stop it.


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