Battlefield 4 Revealed: …False Alarm (For Me)

So EA unleashed Battlefield 4 after a few ‘leaked’ screenshots and a short trailer (none of which worth linking here). The big reveal is topped off with a 17min video of gameplay… from the campaign. I guess it’s worth noting that this game coincides with EA’s new version of the powerful Frostbite engine, which I’m similarly indifferent about. You can get hype if you wish, Battlefield 4’s media dump so far is a big bowl of Meh Flakes. Care to know why?

Care about me! Care about my friend! Care about these graphics!

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Battlefield 3: A Standard For DLC & Microtransactions

And more than a year and a half after Battlefield 3 launched we are finally at the end of it’s post-release support; the End Game expansion pack, offering four new maps, two new game modes, and new vehicles (keep on rollin, baby!). I could sit here and essentially review the game and it’s expansions, but I rather focus on something else. Something that’s been causing an uproar lately with gamers. Long story short, I love Battlefield 3. But today I’m going to explain why their DLC offering, as well as their microtransactions, should be a standard model for games going forward. Yes, I’m going to make an argument for microtransactions, but don’t go judging too quickly…


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