One Year In: Past, Present, Future

This is my blog update for the one year anniversary of creating this blog. I think I should talk about where this blog is headed and stuff right?

I cut my cakes with katana.


Exactly one year ago this day I made an account with WordPress and decided to take my interest in modern entertainment media to it’s logical conclusion; yet another online blog. I had a lot to say about a lot of things, and I wanted to put them all in one place I could call my own. After all, my name and accompanying symbol has been floating around the internet for years. Search ‘Kalyx triaD’ in Google to discover two things; 1) Kalyx is of all things some kind of bra company for heavy chested women, and 2) Kalyx triaD was an entity on the internets for a very long time. After I dubbed myself Kalyx triaD I slowly used that one title for all of my online usernames, a single identity across countless forums and comment sections. If the FBI were to say they had trouble searching for, they would obviously be lying like bear hide rugs.

So after all this time, I figure I make a spot where my longer winded commentaries, reviews, analysis, ranting, and just being Kalyx would fall to. What was it that I wanted people to see first if they were to search me on the Googles? I needed a web destination, a starting point… ‘Kalyx Prime’ so to speak. But where? Many larger game sites have blog areas for members. IGN and SRK had such features, as does Destructiod and i09 today. But I didn’t wanna choose destinations within destinations. A blog writer on that site would logically reach the main site’s readers almost exclusively. That seemed limited to me (unless the guy is fine with essentially being a Dtoid writer), so I decided to go with WordPress, under skeleton of sites like and CNN’s official website.


So I joined up, picked a template, and here we are. There were some issues with identity at the start. Early on I mostly reported things one could find doing his daily news rounds. You know what I’m talking about; hitting up Kotaku, IGN, SuperheroHype, and other such sites. It became clear to me that copy-pasta news would do nothing for me, and didn’t speak of my strengths. I then figured ‘primers’, collections of news bites on a single subject, would be helpful. This too was futile, as many bigger sites did just this, and the only people coming to my site for such information probably came by mistake. Then I went and made a piece about what I’d do if given a producer’s chair for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. No news, just the old ‘here’s what I’d do’ that we all catch ourselves doing.

Most views in a single day, and for my blog – most views ever.

There was some changes after that… More opinions, more rants, more things akin to how I already posted in forums and Facebook. My updates tagged with ‘Rant’ and ‘Opinion’ are consistently the most read. People will not come here for news, but they will click my own brand of ‘Matter of Factuals’. And really that’s the only real way to carve a mark for yourself: Say something somebody else isn’t. My recent Marvel Cinematic Universe blogs do still exist as extended primers, but their success is attributed to my delivery. It was at once informative and celebratory. A hopeful write-up in a sea of nerdrage cynicism, while not really existing as some advertisement for Marvel. It was a blog written by a fan for other fans. I think that makes a difference as well.

Back to the Future:

So what happens now? More extended primers, more rants, more of my musing on topical events. I want this blog to be a voice for a specific kind of person. That’s what blogs are really, attracting like minds, giving a voice to people simply by forging its own. What is the ‘voice’ of the Kalyx triaD blog? Still not sure, but I’ll tell you one thing – this spot will be very important in the future. I’m not just some Gamestop walker-by waiting for companies to pander to me, I have plans. Mind blowing as it seems, I’ve never introduced my little band of worker bees, hard at work developing content for the very media I speak of here. This is the brand that sees my vision for entertainment realized. This is:


Behold a future thing…

R-Tyme Entertainment is an entity older even than my Kalyx triaD moniker, and much more important. Through this me and my merry band will give unto you great things. Things to watch, read, and play – forged by our mind’s eye and practiced hands. In that time this blog will of course be one of the major sources of R-Tyme announcements. Stay tuned, our first public showing is closer than you think.

All That & That, Too:

This blog is a personal achievement for me, a small step for something bigger and better. I aim to give put everything we love through the ringer to give my honest, audacious, and informative thoughts on them. I’m not the fanboy heading a Defense Force kill team for franchises that care little about me. I’m not the entitled Gamestop shopper comparing executives to the devil when they act as they’re conditioned to, either. I’m the third point on that triangle, bringing balance to all things. I’m the guy who expects games to be fun and playable first and foremost. I’m the guy who wants a proven studio to be successful for their works. I’m the guy who wants ‘the suits’ mitigated as much as possible so creators can deal directly with their fans. I’m about content, and being rewarded for doing it well. I’m… just a fan really.


It’s who and what I am.

Hmm… I should probably explain that symbol one day, eh?


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