Destiny: Kalyx the Warlock (Also Musings)

Hey guys, look at my Warlock-class Guardian:

DestinyBecoming Legend

– Currently loving Bungie’s biggest game. They’re doing some interesting things not well covered in game sites that I hope to dig into in a later blog.
– The Day-1 patches all seem good and fair. The Auto Rifle is still pretty strong, though.
– I really wish there was space combat in the vein of that stage in Halo Reach. Put those ships to use.
– Destiny tricked millions into playing an MMO, by removing ‘Massively’ and adding ‘FPS’. I covered how cool this is in a past blog.
– The potential for expansion is pretty exciting. From weapons and PvP maps, to new regions to current planets and perhaps new planets altogether.

On The Queue

– Will have a new blog post breaking down the recent Call of Duty Advanced Warfare trailer. I do like what I see, even if I’m seeing in a brand I avoid by default.
– #GamerGate has forced positive change, but certain areas of the net are still clinging to what little influence they have left.
– WWE2k15 marketing has been terrible. What the heck?

(Full Disclosure: I’m an independent blog with no press privileges whatsoever)



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