Re: Journalists Upset Over Who’s Judging The Game Awards (Cinema Sins Style)

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Recently, part of the debate has focused on the people—mostly men—casting votes.

People in the same professional circle generally agreeing with this article’s issue is being called a “debate”. *ding* (+1)

It’s not like there aren’t women who come to mind in positions of power or media influence. The Halo franchise is currently lead by 343 Industries corporate VP Bonnie Ross.

Bonnie Ross who’s contribution to Halo includes focusing on story, ignoring large elements of the community, and making sure fictional characters in a future setting represent modern day races have led to the worst selling Halo game in series history. *ding* (+1)



Why aren’t more of these people—or people like them—a bigger part of The Game Awards?

Begging the question. *ding* (+1)

Also, being that the game awards, like its SpikeTV predecessor, are not emblematic of what gamers think, this idea that it’s prestigious to be a part of it reveals the popularity contest nature of it all. *ding* (+1)

The whole thing kicked off in mid-November, when a Huffington Post reporter emailed Polygon editor-in-chief Christopher Grant about how “an outlet that often championed diversity, find itself in a list—namely, the jury list for the upcoming Game Awards—of mostly, almost entirely, men.”

Polygon. *ding* (+1)

Also, HuffPo reporter basically ignores any rational explanation as to why and how people are working where they’re working. Merit, tenure, dumb luck; nope, must be sexism. *ding* (+1)

Lots of men in positions of power, including yours truly, are guilty of this, only remembering how skewed things really are when someone finally points it out.

Self flagellation. *ding* (+1)

Also, Patrick Klepek admits he’s sexist. *ding* *ding* *ding* (+3)

Grant swapped his voting slot with Polygon deputy managing editor Megan Farokhmanesh.

Polygon. *ding* (+1)

Also, I wonder if she actually wanted to be a part of this. Can’t imagine she’d say no to such a gesture, but there’s a lot of removal of agency in the name of false diversity. He left something he probably wanted to do, she’s doing something she had no plans nor possible interest to do. Who is this helping? *ding* (+1)

“Diversity is important to us at Polygon,” said Grant, “and while it’s a goal we’re actively working towards, we have room to improve.

Polygon. *ding* (+1)

Also, consider this Exhibit A of why modern progressive ideology is an unwinnable, nonsustaining set of standards when one of the most left-leaning outwardly progressive sites on the internet thinks they’re not progressive enough. *ding* *ding* *ding* (+3)

The Huffington Post, citing an anonymous source who participated in nominating, had an explanation for judges being ignorant on gender makeup:

HuffPo rests its credibility on this story atop the sandy hill of an anonymous source. *ding* (+1)

Also, game judges are being judged for not being thoughtful enough about something completely unrelated to game judgment. *ding* (+1)

Lots of different kinds of people play video games, so it makes sense that the writers, reporters, and critics who cover games should be (trying to) make strides to reflect that.

Baseless assertion. *ding* (+1)

There are numerous insightful women critiquing games now. Off the top of my head: The Mary Sue’s Maddy Myers;

The Mary Sue. *ding* (+1)

Offworld’s Leigh Alexander

Confirmed racist mentioned positively in a piece is about diversity. *ding* *ding* *ding* (+3)


Feminist Frequency’s Anita Sarkeesian;


*ding* *ding* *ding*… (+100)

Also, she doesn’t like my new waifu Linkle. *ding* (+1)

Not Your Mamma’s Gamer’s Biana Batti;

Not Your Mama’s Gamer is the name of a website. *ding* (+1)

Others may feel this is a non-issue and question whether being a man or woman should have any impact on who’s picking the year’s best games. I don’t agree with that, but if you do, I suppose that’s your prerogative.

Preemptive dismissal after saying this was an ongoing debate. *ding* (+1)

There aren’t easy solutions to the big questions about gender and racial inequality in games—press, development, or otherwise—but it’s a conversation worth having.

With who? If anyone feels different apparently it’s their prerogative. *ding* (+1)

Also, blaming others for not finding solutions to problems you perceive. *ding* (+1)

Games are enjoyed and played by men and women. Gaming culture can only benefit from more women talking about games.

Platitudes. *ding* (+1)

Also, he thinks there’s a force stopping women from talking about games after listing a few “off the top of his head”. *ding* (+1)

The Game Awards will broadcast online tomorrow night from Los Angeles.

The Game Awards. *ding* (+1)






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