Sorry, I’m Black

Hey guys, my name is Jean Kalyx (triaD!). I’m a writer of fantastically exciting things, a commentator of social silliness, an ambitiously aspiring game designer, a rigorous competitive gamer, an opposer of ideological sophistry, a lover of pizza, and a- OH MY GOD I’M BLACK!

Kalyx Odinson

Watch superhero movies drunk. Become worthy.


It would seem that with my arguments and many debates had in the oh so turbulent comment sections of the various Gawker sites that a presumption is made as to what race I actually am. It’s amusing because this has been a thing only when I argue against enforced quotas, token additions to fiction, shallow gestures of diversity, and representation in entertainment. Long story short, I tend to argue for meritocracy and putting emphasis on who people are rather than what they are. Elements of one’s physical traits removed, I believe we can only judge people who want they bring to the table. Diversity of opinion and creative vision; that’s my bag.

So it’s amusing to me that when I make these points, there’s always somebody who not only assumes I’m white – but makes the assertion in negative light. It’s never, “Oh you’re probably a white dude,” it’s, “Well you can’t understand because of your white privileged!” Or “Typical ignorant white boy online.” Perhaps I should use more jive language to drop hints as to what I am and where I come from. Perhaps I should change my name to ‘LilBoozey46’. Some kind of stereotypical signal to let all the social justice bloodknights know I am who they claim to fight for, and I disagree with their terms.


Or… and fancy this thought, or we could have discourse where people aren’t judged or filtered through some mythic racial/gender lens where points somehow mean more or less depending on what they are.

This dismissal tactic based on what people are is the ruination of discourse and ironically as close to real ‘micro-aggression’ as it gets. I learn that some people really weren’t debating me, but some caricature white guy who just has to be racist to make any argument against their version of diversity and representation. Sorry, guys, I’m afraid the world is more nuanced than that outside of your bubble. There are black people, gay people, women, trans identifying individuals who hate this modern twisted version of equality being swung around. We exist. We speak for ourselves. And we are getting louder.


So the next time somebody can’t reconcile certain points without first imagining them coming from a certain chosen ‘safe’ target, they need to come to terms with my response:

Sorry, I’m black.



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