Overwatch: D-Va Gets A Spotlight

Now there’s two main reasons I’m doing an entry about Overwatch’s D-Va centric media output today, which bears mention because I don’t really cover every new hero or short Blizzard releases of the game. For one, the new maps (all based on D-Va’s hometown, Busan) are host to Control – my fave gametype. And secondly her new short “Shooting Star” gives us a glimpse at her sparingly mentioned team known as the Meka Squad. So let’s talk about why I like Control and muse a bit about which one of these new lore characters could actually become the newest Overwatch hero.

First Train To Busan

Busan like other homes to Control will be three maps based on one particular region. The three maps not only give an environmental tie to D-Va, they display aspects of her character. One map displaying her culture’s older aesthetics, one map that shows the modern city life, and a map set in the Meka making facility itself. It all looks good but most importantly it’s a new Control space – and I loves Control. A big draw for me is Control allows for the more interesting compositions and tactics in Ovetwatch. Though I tend to endorse ‘brawler’ compositions that emphasize tight group skirmishes – if my team goes with it anyway. I’m totally down to catch a train to Busan.

Go Go Meka Squad

Now in this new short, a more straightforward action story guest starring those Matrix squids, we get a quick glimpse of D-Va’s Meka Squad peers. These four pilots have unique head models and Meka that Blizzard is unlikely to splash on screen without knowingly teasing us about a potential new playable hero. It wouldn’t be the first time background characters get a promotion, and some of them had way less than an on-screen visual tease. But which one of these Meka riding hotshots have a shot at taking shots with the Overwatch gang?


Well as much as it may disappoint some of you we’re gonna have to rule out Casino (green) and King (yellow), their Meka seems way too big judging from the scale of their cockpit shields. I mean… they have to walk through Route 66’s diner door at the very least, right? Their legs are much more stretched, making for some tall Meka.

Of course a sharp eye can discern that D-Va’s Meka in that shot isn’t exactly to in-game scale, either, so Casino and King could similarly be crouched down to match the Meka we know. But outside of a Ridley compromise I’m just gonna disqualify those two. The other two on the other hand, seem to have very similar stature to D-Va, and are much more likely to join the game as new tank heroes.

We have D-Mon, with her hot red coloring to match the callsign, and a bulkier frame compared to our lady Hannah. The similar naming could hint at a rivalry of sorts, that could be fun for interactions.

On the very end, and my personal safe bet, is Overlord. By all visual indication the boy is the youngest member of the team, and perhaps a bit of a cocky brat given his callsign. His Meka is also the smallest frame being little more than a cockpit with limbs rather than a ‘body’. This model is visually interesting and provides a unique shape compared to D-Mon. He’s my pick to join the roster.

After the Junker Queen, of course.


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