Armchair Producer: “Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom Infinite”

In an age where games are living meta-platforms supported by ‘seasons’ of updates and content the true sign of a ‘dead game’ is when its own developer calls it quits. Such seems to be the case with Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Capcom’s latest and perhaps final entry in the popular crossover franchise. In the period between MvCi’s last content drop and now Dragonball FighterZ launched, marketed DLC characters, and released them. MvCi, as far as a new content, is well and done.


Everybody has an opinion about how and why this happened. Me? I’ll simply note that this happens to be the MvC game Marvel (read: Disney) had very heavy input on. I’ll leave it at that.

So rather than waste time with a sad-ass post mortem I’m gonna put on my Armchair Producer hat and dream up the update Marvel won’t allow because that’s just what happens when you let studios who think they’re game publishers make decisions (I really do love Marvel, but this game’s state is on them). So let’s do this:


Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

A final, definitive update to complete the game and deliver on the potential promised at launch. It combines heavily rumored content of Season 2 with some wishful ideas of my own… cause I have nothing better to do (and neither does Capcom).

Final Character Additions:

Marvel: Star-Lord, Ms Marvel, Loki

Capcom: Asura, Gill, Lady, Apollo Justice

Uneven brand representation to even out the currently goofy looking character select screen.

Special Boss Characters:

Characters with strong move-sets who fight alone, no tag partners. Primarily for fun like the giant characters of Tatsunoko vs Capcom.


Shin Akuma

Infinite Thanos (with completed Infinity Gauntlet and new move-set)


Secondary Infinity Surges:

Each Infinity Stone now has an extra Surge ability when initiated while crouching (or 2+Surge for you notation kiddies).

Power Stone: Ground-pound that launches opponents caught in its generous range (must be blocked low). Contact in the air delivers a strike that ground bounces.

Mind Stone: Quick 20% meter charge with a degree of start-up and recovery. Aligns with the meter based gimmick of the original Surge and the Storm.

Time Stone: A rising vertical version of the crossover dash (counts as a jump). Similar recovery applies. In the air you dash straight down.

Reality Stone: A glowing  red layer covers you acting as armor. Mechanically similar to Cpt Marvel’s armor-up ability.

Soul Stone: ‘Benches’ an enemy forcing a tag similar to the Snap Back mechanic of past iterations.

Space Stone: Pushes opponents away with the same active range as the original Surge.

Dual Play:

Four player enabled mode offline and online. Lobbies allow up to four teams.

Lvl3 Team-Up Sequences:

As with Cap and Bucky, other characters with known histories can also trigger special Lvl3 Hyper Combo animations (X and Zero, etc). And perhaps some surprises across universes.

And that’s that. I won’t bother with any specific character balance changes cause frankly I don’t care, the roster is in a good place. This is the update that would make me care less about how utterly abandoned this game is. But hey, it still plays great. And maybe, just maybe somebody at Marvel gives a damn enough to acknowledge the people still playing this game. Maybe.


Fall of Cybertron: Where For Arth Thou Multiplayer? (Update!)

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Armchair Producer: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

We all do this from time to time.

If you’re anything like me you like to play armchair producer and imagine how you would oversee videogame development – usually with our favorite franchises. With this, the start of new series on this blog, I’m gonna talk about what I’d do with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (or at least what I would have done). In a recent blog on Capcom-Unity, Sven revealed that there are no plans for the game and Niitsuma’s team has moved on to another project. That in itself is interesting (what are they cooking now?), but with MvC3 seemingly finished, I can’t help but wonder what could be added at this point. Well I wonder no more, I have three ideas that I think would be great for the game. They won’t happen, but it’s fun to wonder…

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Welcome to Kalyx triaD’s Blog!

So this is me testing out a WordPress page in preparation of far greater things in the future. I am Jean Kalyx (triaD), a writer and all around boring person. But the world of entertainment is not so boring, and that’s where guys like me come in. What makes me special amongst the millions of bloggers out there? Nothing, but you’re reading this.

Stay tuned for entertainment news commentary, rants, and whatever. Stick around long enough and you’ll get to see what me and my team’s up to. Until then, here’s to the future!