Amazing Spider-Man 2: Fan Reaction, Hypocrisy, & Super Cynicism

The trailer for Amazing Spider-Man 2 came out, and it looks great. But this blog isn’t a screencap rundown or a trailer review, because we got those all over the place. Nay, I want to address something that segues into something bigger that itself hints at something grander. Something, something, ya know? You know. You don’t? Well let’s start knowing, dammit! Today’s discussion is about the fan reaction to the trailer, fan bias/hypocrisy, and most importantly something I’m going to call “Super Cynicism”. First, the epic trailer in question:

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Titanfallen In Love

Yesterday was the first day of E3 2013, and I indeed have much to say. I can’t even choose what to talk about! Perhaps Microsoft actually bringing the pain with decent games? Or maybe Sony taking every bad tidbit from Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal and using it for easy praise? Maybe Ubisoft’s shockingly boring CGI trailer filled conference? How about EA’s badass showoff of Battlefield 4 multiplayer? I’m sure one of those will get a blog onto itself eventually, but for now… I gotta say, kids….

Just watch this damn trailer. I love Titanfall.
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Fall of Cybertron: Here’s Your Multiplayer!

After a massive dump of info from the recent Comic-Con, here’s the multiplayer trailer for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron!

I had an inkling the trailer would come this month, but the real taste of things came from Comic-Con, with footage galore of the improved multiplayer mode. I’m sorry it’s been a month since I last added anything to the blog, so it’s only poetic that I return with an answer to the last update’s dilemma.

Halo 4: Campaign Gameplay

From this year’s E3, here’s some new footage of Halo 4’s campaign – which shows off a new threat facing out favorite space marine.

Looks sharp, and really when was the last time there was an air of mystery in Halo? This new enemy may be Forerunner, or some force just as ancient. With a UNSC ship crashing (somewhat conveniently) on the same planet Chief and Cortana are, I suppose there will be moments where Chief will again a group of marines against alien threats. Notice the subversion of the classic Halo encounter; you blast some goons and face off against the Elite, only for him to be vaporized, introducing a new enemy.

Now where’s that multiplayer trailer…?

Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Console Release Media Dump!

Tekken tag Tournament 2 if finally coming home! Next September, the Kings and Queens of Iron Fist shall once again throw down in teams… or not. Surely you know by now the latest arcade update of the game introduced a new option to use a single character? No? Well that’s my fault; I haven’t been updating like I should. But yes, battles can wage as 1v1, 2v2, or 1v2. Balancing will make either choice legit, according to Harada himself. He even hinted that this may be standard for Tekken going forward (yes!). Let’s have us that trailer, yeah?

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Multiplayer Video Analysis

Aliens: Colonial Marines, by Gearbox Interactive for Sega

Before I analyze this video, I wanna establish a few things… I am a super-fan the Alien films. All of them. Including Alien3 and Resurrection. I enjoyed AvP and stomached Requiem. I’m ecstatic about Prometheus even if it conceptually veers from the Xenomorph path of the other movies. I am also an avid FPS player. I played most of the big franchises (Halo and Battlefield being my faves), and my love for POV goes back to the interior sections of Rescue and Friday the 13th (both on NES, look them up). I also love a good multiplayer game, it’s my main vice for gaming these days. With all that in mind, and this is not a review, here’s what I think about this gameplay video.

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